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These are constructed out semi-shiny, semi-stretchy, semi-fetishy, vegan snake leather (no snakes were abused during the making of these shorts...but we were tempted).

The side accent is super detailed on these - the first layer is a Vegan Pig Leather stripe, which has a mesh stripe, on top of that (which gives a "snake skin-like" appearance).

The pockets close with 2 large zippers to keep your junk secured.  These come in 2 sizes for an easy, comfortable, and sexy fit that highlight your #PeachEmoji.

Each pair is handmade in our NEW YORK CITY studio, so you know we took extra care in making them just for you. 

SIZEQUEENS here's how our shorts measure up...

  • Small /Medium (28" / 71 cm) to (33" /83.82cm)
  • Medium/Large (34" / 86.36 cm) to (37" / 93.98 cm)